Horizontal and vertical wires are made of strong steel alloy additionally strengthened by so-called “double wires”.

Double horizontal wires combined with vertical wires of different thickness contribute to greater rigidity and resistance of the entire fence.

Panels are double protected by galvanising and PVC-coating, which guarantees super durability and resistance to any weather effects.

The main advantages include multi-purpose usage, easy installation and high quality. The fences are made of steel wires and then hot galvanised and plastic coated (PVC panels) for a longer lifespan, quality and aesthetic.

Available thickness: f.5 +4+5 mm f.6+5+6 mm f.8+6+8 mm. They are made in different RAL colours: 6005-moss green (most common one), 7016-anthracite grey and in many others by your request.

They could also be galvanised.

Available dimensions: 1.03 m of 1.23 m 1.43 m 1.63 m 1.83 m 2.03 m × 2.5 m

They are mostly used for fencing business halls, sports facilities, school playgrounds, petrol stations, but also for fencing private buildings, yards, sports fields, dog cages...

Likewise, these panels are used for construction of gates.

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