New times require new changes. That is why PVC wire was fabricated. Its basic advantage when compared to a galvanised wire is the fact that it possesses the quality of the galvanised wire and some additional aesthetic features of its own. The very look of it sparks imagination and curiosity with customers.

The galvanised wire is plastic coated at certain temperatures to make PVC WIRE which will then serve for braiding. By making it in green, white, grey, brown, yellow and many other colours, this type of wire gets a nice-looking appearance and quality. It is used for braiding or twisting and tensile wire fence as it is 1.6 mm to 3.1 mm thick.

Since the wire is manufactured on specialised machines at high temperatures, it is possible to get the following thickness:

  • F = 1.6 mm galvanised + PVC = 2.6 mm
  • F = 1.8 mm galvanised + PVC = 2.8 mm
  • F = 2.0 mm galvanised + PVC = 3.0 mm
  • F = 2.2 mm galvanised + PVC = 3.2 mm
  • F = 2.5 mm galvanised + PVC = 3.5 mm

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