ŽICA BEST LLC, SMEDEREVO - VUČAK produces universal meshes out of our galvanised and PVC-coated wires in different colours and dimensions based on customers’ demands.

All our products are highly functional, economic, elegant and simple to install. ŽICA BEST is unique in its business operations in providing professional service, special technology and multi-year guarantee on our top-quality products (from 10 to 20 years).

Our company believes the longevity of business lies in achieving a high quality of products and using top-notch technology.

The whole business system of the company relies on high competence of our employees and readiness to respond to specific customers’ demands at every moment. With the increase in production capacities, we expect that there will be more products with ŽICA BEST trademark. The priority of our business policy is to raise the level of competence in our employees and to expand to the market.